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#TellUsWhatSUCKS Domain Giveaway

Do you have a catchy business idea? A good cause that deserves promoting? A proverbial axe in need of some grinding? Maybe you want to tell the world that, say, bad breath sucks, or you have a bone to pick with some shoddy corporation (Wells Fargo Bank sucks, amirite??).

If so, then listen up! Over the next three months, we’ll be selecting winners to receive a free .SUCKS domain and bring their best ideas to life.

Prizing includes

  • Free .SUCKS domain
  • Free access to Weebly to help you build your site
  • Free hosting with Rebel for a year
This prize package is valued at up to $3,000. That’s a lot of free publicity for whatever cause, company or vendetta you’re passionate about!

How to enter

Simply use the form below to tell us which .SUCKS domain you’d like to bring to life. Can’t settle on just one idea? No problem, entries are unlimited. Share your best ideas with your friends on social media using #TellUsWhatSUCKS @dotSUCKS.

The giveaway will run from October 15 to January 14, so enter now for your chance to tell the world what sucks—for free! See full rules and regulations here.

Need Some Inspiration?

Check out some of our favourite Month 1 entries:

Still looking for creative ways to bring a .SUCKS domain to life?

A Creative Marketing Campaign

  • Perhaps you’re a marketing manager for a popular cleaning brand looking for a quirky way to promote a new product.
    1. ○ eg. Housework.Sucks

A Brave Branded Feedback Forum

  • Or maybe you’re looking for a way to show disgruntled customers that you actually do care about their experience with your brand, and you want to give them a unique way to provide feedback.
    1. ○ eg. UnitedAirlines.Sucks

An Interesting Consumer Complaint Site

  • On the other hand, perhaps you are the disgruntled customer, and you’re looking for a way to call out a brand or organization for some shitty customer service or questionable business ethics.
    1. ○ eg. ABadUberDriver.Sucks

A Creative New Business Idea

  • Perhaps you are an entrepreneur, launching a new cafe, and are looking for a unique domain that will lend itself to some quirky advertising.
    1. ○ eg. BadCoffee.Sucks

An Inspiring Cause-Related Campaign

  • Or maybe you’re hella passionate about a particular cause or social issue, and you’re desperate for a platform from which you can make your voice heard.
    1. ○ eg. SexismInTheWorkplace.Sucks

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